It's so simple to be wise.  Just think of something stupid to say, and then don't say it.     Sam Levenson (1911-1980)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Honored

A big thank you to Leora over at Here in HP for bestowing upon me and several worthy colleagues - SuperRaizy, JugglingFrogs, Baila and Hadassah -- the all-new Late-Night Mommy Blogger Award.   (Now I guess I'll have to stop saying I've never won anything except that one $5 lottery ticket, back in 1987).  Thanks, Leora!

As always, keep the balance,



Anonymous said...

A well-deserved award.

Leora said...

Yeah, I can relate to the not winning much... (what did I win before this blog business--oh, I did once win an award for a website!). May I suggest you send the award to a couple of other people (you can "snip" the image off my blog with a right click) so they can win something, too. No pressure. Just a way to spread the good will!

Rafi G said...

Mazel tov! I never win anything... not even $5 lottery tickets..