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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Five-Minute Bedtime Challenge, Part 2

Ricki's Mom offered a reality-check challenge to my challenge, so here goes:

Introducing the Five-minute Bedtime RELAY Challenge. Relay Challenge rule adaptions, as follows:

1. No two people can be at the same station at the same time.  (One kid in the bathroom, one outside at the sink with toothbrush, one getting on pajamas, one straightening out room or backpack for tomorrow).  

2. Every minute, call "TIME!" and they all have to switch stations. Encourages teamwork and coordination, don't ya think? (Again, extra time is allowed for proper tooth-brushing. Parallel teammate brushing also encouraged, if mirror space allows for adequate elbow room).

3. Winning is all-or-nothing, with collective team reward or lack thereof.

Double-blind study, anyone?

Keep the balance,


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