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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Almond Blossoms -- Goodbye Until Next Year

This Today's Flowers post is dedicated to my Mom.

This past week I found myself wandering around Ein Kerem, at the southern end of Jerusalem, following an off-site planning session that, to my delight, ended an hour ahead of schedule. 

I was so pleasantly surprised by having this extra hour to myself  that it took me nearly 15 minutes just to decide what to do with it.  The sun, hidden behind the clouds, was due to set in about an hour.  Perfect photography light.

It's the end of the almond tree blossoms.  Ein Kerem is filled with almond trees -- שקדיות shkediot in Hebrew.  This tree's claim to fame is that it is the first to bloom, in the dead of winter, and almost out of nowhere.  

Now most almond trees in Israel are divided between bloom and foliage, with the white/pink blossoms contrasting against dark spindley branches and the bright green of newly sprouting leaves.  

Here, the flowers have already dropped off as the tree develops leaves and shifts into fruit-producing mode.

Another Spring, already on its way...

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Keep the balance,



RivkA with a capital A said...

Beautiful pics! Nice to see the transformation of time....

rickismom said...

Vetry nice! Especially enjoyed the one with the beginnings of the almonds

Anonymous said...

You are early! Your photos are beautiful.

Leora said...

Lovely, I could scroll through over and over to look at the pretty blossoms.

A Living Nadneyda said...

R w/ an A - Nice point.

RM - I like those too; it reminds me that the flowers are not an end in and of themselves.

ID - I recently learned how to write up a post and set it to be published later. I don't get up a five am to post... there' s a limit!

L - You are most welcome to come visit and see them in person (come stay with us!!)

Thank G-d for the recent rain, and may it continue!