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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ruby Tuesday -- Orange, Really

I know I'm pushing the definition of "ruby" here.... but I am so fond of orange.

This is a piece I completed awhile back, as a present for my Mom.  It's small, about 2/3 the size of a sheet of printer paper.

The base is handmade paper (made by yours truly), with an overlay of selected fabrics and ribbons, then hand stitched and beaded.  Over the years, I was inspired to delve into the fiber arts, specifically paper-making, by my good friend Q.  As for the stitching technique, several years ago I had the privilege of attending a week-long workshop in hand stitching with Japanese fiber artist Misao Tsubaki, an incredibly talented woman and a wonderfully supportive teacher.  (See some examples of her work here;  her website, unfortunately out of date, is in Japanese, but there are photos there as well).

Remember to keep creating -- whatever makes you happy -- in these troubling days of war.

Keep the balance,



Leora said...

It's lovely. Maybe someone should start an "orange" meme. There's already one for blue on Mondays.

Remember to keep creating -- whatever makes you happy -- in these troubling days of war.
Wise words.

I "liked" (probably not the right word) your post on war touching us (you). Maybe I'll use your Tevye quote on my Friday post (where I link to posts like yours, that I find meaningful).

A Living Nadneyda said...

Feel free... thanks for your comments. Haven't had time to take a look at the "Rubies" yet... tomorrow is another day.

Hadn't heard about the blue meme... maybe I'll try it next week. Where is it?

These days I sense quite a dichotomy between Israeli bloggers and nonIsraeli... the latter talk about protests etc, while of course the former talk about what's happening on the ground.

Pia K said...

That's really lovely and interesting, love the both clash as well as symbios between the materials and colours. My favourite colour is pink, but orange is a close no 2. As is red, and green and blue and...:)

/Fellow vegetarian in Sweden

Askew To You said...

Very lovely artwork and I think it fits well in the "red" category. :D Thank you for sharing your work.

Anonymous said...

soon I'll have a fiber website. i finally read your bloggernog and you haven't updated.
go go fibers.