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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake

Just a quick line, before the whirlwind packing process that precedes a family wedding (fancy white flower girl dresses, contingency dresses (note color of previous), little hair doo-dads, extra tights, more extra tights, needle and thread, etc. etc. etc...)

Last week I hosted colleagues from our school's senior staff for a presentation on the implementation of the new Hospital  Obligatory Education Law, which is finally going into effect some time in first few months of 2009. According to our school tradition, the presenter prepares a light meal for all of us to enjoy before the evening's program, and in addition to the soup, bread, and cheeses I had prepared a couple of chocolate cakes.

I went upstairs where That Guy I Married was getting the offspring into pajamas.  They had not failed to catch the freshly-baked cake aroma wafting through the house (and it wasn't even erev Shabbat), and asked whether they would be invited to partake.  When I was little, I told them, my Mommy was very concerned about not having us eat sugar, so she never let us have the cake she made for guests or work meetings.

Without missing a beat, Elder Princeski retorts

Mommy you're not going to do that to us, are you?

Followed by the inevitable, Mommy, you should blog this!  Either of those rejoinders would have convinced me, but really, I was planning on giving them some anyway...

(Sorry, Mom - I know your intentions were good).  

Shavua tov, a good week, and, of course, a huge mazal tov to N & M!

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