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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Update: It's Over, Now What?

(If you're not caught up, or your memory is as bad as mine, go read the original post here).

I had the good fortune of seeing K and her mother last week. K had chosen to spend those two long hours (between swallowing the CAT scan medicine and the scan itself) in our classroom, joining our school activity. She ran off to join one of our teachers in an interactive computer lesson, while I sat down to chat with her mother. So, how's everything going? I ask.
K's Mother: Well, I know what you would say (giant smile) -- Everything is going at the pace it's supposed to go. You know, K is doing really well in school. I was worried about that, really worried. But she completely caught up over the summer, her teachers are really happy with her progress, and she's having no trouble in math or computers or any of the other subjects.

ALN: Not a single one of us here was worried about her schooling. We all know she's a very bright kid. But you know, even though she's doing well in school, it's very likely that she still thinks a lot about what happened to her here, about her treatment, and that she'll still want to talk about it, even a year or two from now.

K's Mother: Oh, she already does talk about it! Not all the time, but sometimes.

ALN: I'm very glad to hear that. I was a little concerned about that, because I know K is a private kind of person.

K's Mother: No, you don't have to worry. She doesn't always talk to me, but she talks. (Hearty laugh). You know, I was reminded about your art therapy the other day....There's a ceramics group opening up at our local community center, and I was thinking....

ALN: For K?

K's Mother: No, for me!
K's mother went on to tell me that she's suddenly felt an urge to go back to painting, or maybe even trying a new thing, working with clay. It sounds like the whole family really is finding their way to a "new normal."

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