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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Customer's Rights...

Isn't this heartwarming...
HOT Cable Systems Media Ltd. (TASE: HOT) was recently handed a court order to pay NIS 2,750 to a customer for the financial damage caused him when their technician failed to turn up....

The "Technicians Law" was recently enacted under which customers who wait longer than two hours for a technician are entitled to receive NIS 300 compensation from the company without any need to prove damage and NIS 600 for waiting more than three hours after the appointed time.
Read the rest here at Globes Online.  For those of us who've been waiting for the asimon* to drop over here in the Middle East, it's finally happening.  Spread the word.

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* An asimon is (or rather, was) a token used in public phones.  It was about the size of a nickel, with a hole in the middle and a groove running through the center.  The Hebrew phrase nafal li ha-asimon -- נפל לי האסימון -- is the equivalent of "the penny dropped," i.e. I finally figured it out.  We still say it, despite the fact that these coins have long been replaced by plastic cards, which hardly anyone uses these days anyway, considering the national average of  +/-1.5 cellphones per person here in Israel.

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