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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Too Much Giving?

See Conversations in Klal for her ideas, and the comments that follow, regarding redundancies in the charity/NPO realm. I'm positive this problem is not limited to the Jewish world alone, but the thought makes it that much more problematic.  

I agree with Bas-Melech when she comments: I think it bespeaks a serious lack of cooperation among klal yisrael.   

One of many examples of where we need to improve our willingness to work together... although in fairness, the very idea that there are so many people out there wanting to make positive change, may balance out the lack of cooperation.  So maybe we're generally heading in the right direction, but we just need to move on to the next stage...

Addendum:  See Prof K's long list of worthwhile suggestions at this follow-up post.

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