It's so simple to be wise.  Just think of something stupid to say, and then don't say it.     Sam Levenson (1911-1980)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hidden Blooms

These flowers aren't actually more hidden than any others, although they are rather modest, delicate-looking blooms.  I have to admit, I barely noticed them.

Carob trees are now flowering in our area... I photographed these two days ago while hiking with the kids in the rolling hills behind our moshav.   (Apologies for the quality -- forgot my camera and the Nokia is, well, only a phone, after all).

Sukkot is a celebration -- of planting, of the rain we'll soon begin to pray for (although the rain itself has already begun, intermittently, in the central and Northern parts of the country). 

Meanwhile, the weather around here has been perfect for hiking -- slightly overcast mornings, beautiful sunshine in the afternoons.  So go ahead, shut down that computer, go outside and hike!  The world is waiting....

מועדים לשמחה  -- Have a wonderful Sukkot.

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Mrs. S. said...

Very pretty!

rickismom said...

Nice pics! (even from a phone!)