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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Landing on Time

I feel compelled to balance out our recent flight disappointments with a top-ten list reviewing our own home-grown, sardine-class service.  (Anyway, I'm way too stoned with jet-lag to accomplish much else here for the moment).

It's all been done before;  nonetheless, allow me to present my 

Top Ten Reasons to Fly El-Al:

10.  Flight attendants who are truly courteous, helpful, and good with kids (remember the old days?).

 9.  Choice of meals among many:  kosher, super-kosher, kosher vegan, kosher fish, kosher kiddie meal, etc. etc.

 8.  Those new 777's with the personal seat-back MP4 systems, featuring on-demand movies, music, games, and the latest Israeli TV shows.

 7.  You kids can scream and kick all they want -- someone else's will always drown them out.

 6.  Snacks and drinks available in the back, all hours of the day and night (or is that night and day?).

 5.  Our guys are in charge of security.

 4.  Tfilat haDerech* on page one of the in-flight magazine.

 3.  Directional arrow up on the screen points toward Jerusalem throughout the flight -- no guessing where to aim your prayers.

 2.  Lost luggage now a rarity due to the strict security tracking system.

And most importantly, the number one reason to fly El-Al:

 1.  You'll feel like you've come home, long before reaching TLV.

I know, there are always a few snags in the system, but like so many other things, given a choice, I choose the Israeli option.

Keep the balance,

* The traveler's prayer, said before long or especially dangerous journeys.


Phyllis Sommer said...

that #1 reason is really the best one. the whole trip takes on a special air (no pun intended) when you fly el al. it's just not there with the other airlines....

A Living Nadneyda said...

I forgot to mention, of course, the enthusiastic round of applause that follows every landing. Until I flew other airlines, I wondered if it's just an Israeli thing, and from my limited experience, the answer is, mostly not, and never with as much enthusiasm.

So why do we do it? Are we just sticking with our ingrained tendency to "avoid the evil eye," so we let ourselves be amazed every time it works out ok?

Or is it more like a, "that's one more point for the Israelis?"

Or maybe it's just, "Thank G-d that's over (and now we can turn on our cellphones)!"


A Living Nadneyda said...

Then again, I know it's not always a smooth ride...

Note Jameel's experience (live and learn, Jameel: save your shopping for before you leave chu"l)!


Leora said...

We had fun watching an Israeli cooking show in which they prepared "steak eem hema" and poured a wad of butter unto their steak. I think I freaked some family members out when I told them about that cooking show. We (my kids and I) just laughed at it.

A Living Nadneyda said...

Leora - I must have missed that one. But I recommend "B'Tipul," which I'd been wanting to watch for ages. I watched seven episodes, back-to-back. Maybe that's what happens when one forgoes regular television.

It was fascinating, though, seeing Talya progress in her therapy, week after week. If only it were always that efficient in real life.