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Friday, August 29, 2008

Let's Not Be Sorry

I direct your attention to Conversations in Klal's post (and my comment) regarding water urn safety.  I say some things are worth the extra expense, or go without.

Addendum, September 2:  Note that the Zomet Institute's Shabbat water urns (pictured here in the NY Times) do have latching lids, but still feature the free-flowing spout, located fairly low down on the urn.  One out of two is better than nothing, but not perfect.  Most of the models pictured look massive, and are therefore less likely to be pulled down by a small child.

Does anyone have connections there and can bring the safety issue of the spout to their attention?

Keep safe.



ProfK said...

nks ALN for the link and for the excellent comments you left. This is one "fight" that we could win, if we only make the effort.

A Living Nadneyda said...

In Israel, one of the big missing links is greater involvement of the rabbis. If each community rabbi were to take this issue seriously (as well as that of seatbelt & carseat usage, safe street-crossing behavior, abuse in the school system, and many others) and instruct his community accordingly, the problem would become practically nonexistent, at least in the hareidi world.

We have seen the weight the rabbis carrying in the home- and economic sphere. If they outlaw a product, none of their following will buy it. If they were to set up community funds to help less well-off families to afford the high costs of the safer water urns, for example, then every family could buy one.

For now they choose to emphasis issues such as not using cellphones that have internet access, and making sure women wearing trousers are harassed in front of supermarkets.